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Photography & Art

"Lovers" Arles, October 2011

I have developed a deep love of photography. I think it may have started when I was fourteen, and my parents packed me off to Europe for the summer with a bunch of Boy Scouts to attend a World Jamboree in Greece. My father, with fear, loaned me his fine 35 mm film camera, which I promptly dropped 3 stories down a stairwell in Rome. (It survived.) When I returned and realized that I could relive my adventure through the photos, I was hooked. Later, I inherited a wonderful Leica with a set of interchangable lens from my grandfather, and learned how to develop and print my own photos.


Everything's digital now, and with that revolution, the ability to cross the divide between the mere capture of light and the expression of art. I could spend days hunched over the computer, altering and enhancing the camera's view of the world.


So here are a few of my photos. Some are routine travel pics, others more arty.  Most are low resolution for web use.  If you'd like a higher resolution copy, email me.